Resigning Gracefully

Congratulations! You've landed the job! Now you are faced with the delicate challenge of resigning from your current employer without burning bridges, and saying good-bye to friends and colleagues.

Your Sales Consultants of Phoenix-North recruiter will help you draft your resignation letter. Then, you will make an appointment with your manager to respectfully explain your decision. Your manager needs to hear that your decision is firm and final and that you are committed to your new employer. Express appreciation for the opportunities that your former employer has given you.

Be careful not to get lured into any discussions other than your resignation, such as how your employer wants to handle your final weeks or the transition of your current responsibilities and projects. You are under no obligation to share details of your new career move, salary, business potential, rationale or anything other than the date by which you will be leaving employment.

The Following is a sample of a Letter of Resignation:

Dear ____________________:

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation as (TITLE) for (COMPANY) to become effective as of (DATE). This resignation is final and irrevocable. I have accepted a non-competitive position in (LOCATION).

I believe this position will offer me the new challenges and opportunities that I am looking for, as well as allow me to broaden my own experience and knowledge.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the training, guidance and development you have provided over the past (TIME). The support and concern shown me by you and the rest of the management team has been sincerely appreciated.

I leave (COMPANY) with no animosity or ill will and wish you and the company continued success. To save potential embarrassment for everyone, no counteroffers will either be entertained or accepted. I also will refrain from discussing my reasons for leaving or details on my new position with my former peers.

cc: President
Direct Supervisor
Vice President

(Send a copy to all hiring authorities, this will depend on the structure of the company.)