Permanent Placement Recruiting Services

Range of Service

We offer a wide range of recruiting services and techniques to give you the flexibility you need, including:

Retained Search: A focused, dedicated search created to fill a key position in a short and specified period of time. When hiring a mission-critical person quickly is important, this type of search ensures the appropriate resources are assigned to securing the right candidate as soon as possible.

Priority Search: An increasingly popular alternative to the classic retained or contingency search options. This is a good choice when a client needs to fill an important position in a timely manner, has a hard-to-fill position, or is growing rapidly with aggressive hiring plans.

Contingency Search: This option is available to companies that do not want a devoted effort, but want to see qualified candidates with whom we are currently working. This is often popular for entry- or mid-level positions, or when time is not critical.

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Project Search: A recruiting project team is created to find a number of candidates with similar profiles.

Global Search: Global networking provides solutions for clients with overseas staffing needs, as well as consultation to candidates.

Advertised Search and Selection: Targeted advertising tools combined with a thorough search process and rigorous screening to fill key positions.

Type of Positions Filled

Finding the 20% of candidates that make a real impact on your business is what we do best. Our recruiters bring together the recruiting experience and industry expertise necessary to deliver a few well-chosen candidates, instead of a mass of untested resumes. We are leaders in recruitment for middle and senior range positions including:

  • Executive: We provide executive recruiting services to fill your most senior positions.
  • Management: We place impact players in critical mid-management positions.
  • Highly Skilled Professionals: We provide services for the recruitment and placement of key highly-skilled professionals.

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